Bill Kizer – Sage Channel Champion, All Around Great Guy – 1952-2014


Monday June 23, 2014 Bill Kizer died after a 1.5 year fight with liver cancer. Bill was a friend not only to me to but to almost everyone he came into contact with.

As most of you know Bill worked for years in sales within the Sage channel (Blytheco, Barsa). He was the founder of the Sage LinkedIn group which he grew from nothing in 2008 to well over 8,500 members. He was tireless in managing the group and worked behind the scenes at making sure everything ran smoothly. The Sage LinkedIn group was his baby and it’s because of him that it’s grown to where it is today. He loved it and he had lots of great conversations with people he met online.

Many of you met Bill at Sage Summit where he often presented on various social media topics and would talk with pride about his boys – Trent and Trevor. He loved roaming the trade show floor and talking to his many friends. Bill knew everyone and everyone new Bill.

Outside of the Sage community Bill spent his free time at home in California fishing at the beach with his sons, loved a good cigar (really loved) and embraced his Hawaiian culture. He was often my ride from the San Diego airport when I was visiting – and my roommate at Summit where we’d spend hours walking, talking and discussing the events of the day.

Bill you’re going to be missed – as a friend, colleague and father.

QuickBooks App For Mac – Eventual Heir To QuickBooks For Mac?


Intuit pushed out a press release today announcing “availability of the new QuickBooks app for Mac, a brand new app designed for the Mac OS that brings the power and benefits of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem to Mac users“.

Is this an early indicator that QuickBooks for Mac is slated for retirement? Nothing in the press release indicates that this is so – except that the product landing page for QuickBooks App for Mac suggests that it’s an upgrade from QuickBooks 2014 for Mac.

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SilverSun Technologies Aims For $50 Million Within 18 Months

Watch for continued merger and acquisition activity from SilverSun Technologies – a company whose primary asset is Sage partner SWK Technologies.

In a letter to shareholders released today , Chairman, President and CEO Mark Meller summarizes the past year’s financial results as well as outlines plans for the company to grow from $18 million in size to “more than $50 million in the next 18 months”.

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CIOReview: Automated Email Marketing Gone Wrong



I’m somehow stuck in autoresponder land receiving emails from someone claiming to be Steve Miller from CIO Review. Oddly enough he has identified our non-profit 90 Minds Group as a potential candidate for the Microsoft Solution Providers 100.

Too bad 90 Minds is made up almost exclusively of Sage partners. A perfect example of scraping the web for email addresses – gone bad. Did I mention that a nominal sponsorship fee of $3,000 is also being requested?

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Sage ERP X3 Global Convention Opening Video

Sage have just released this opening video from their Sage ERP X3 Global Convention happening now through May 15, 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. The video primarily highlights the growth in attendance from the first conference 4 years ago which attracted 200 participants to the 2014 convention which Sage has reported a total attendance of 912 (212 of them being customers).


Sage ERP X3 Global Convention



Sage ERP X3 Global Convention Opens In Lisbon With 912 Attendees – 52% Increase From 2013


The fourth annual Sage ERP X3 Global Convention gets underway today in Lisbon Portugal. One of the first orders of business was to announce total attendance of 912 which represents a 52% increase over last year’s 600 attendees.

Follow the official Sage ERP X3 Twitter account here or use Twitter hashtag #SageGC for updates throughout this conference.

Sage’s Guy Berruyer To Retire By March 2015

Guy Berruyer, Sage CEO, Behind the Wheel at Sage Summit Looks as if Guy Berruyer will no longer be driving the bus at Sage. His retirement “no later than March 2015″ was announced today alongside Sage’s half-year earnings report which appeared to show declining statutory revenues across most key areas of the company.

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T-Mobile $30 Unlimited Text/5GB LTE/100 Voice – No Contract Deal

Provided you are in a strong T-Mobile coverage area and don’t talk on your phone more than 100 minutes a month – this may be the best no-contract (non-grandfathered) smartphone plan you’ll ever see. You’ll need your own T-Mobile compatible phone as this deal is for service only and requires that you bring your own device (I suggest a Nexus 5 for Android users or iPhone 5S for iOS addicts).

Included are unlimited text, up to 5 GB monthly LTE data (this is the deal part) and 100 voice minutes. Just a warning – T-Mobile coverage is sketchy in some areas. If you live and travel primarily in the city or along well populated highways you’re likely ok. If you are out in the sticks – you probably should use another carrier or proceed cautiously with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile $30

Recurring Revenue Is King. Transactional Hourly Lifestyle Consulting Decaying.

According to a CRN Channel Chief Roundtable one thing  differentiating  winning , profitable resellers from  losers –  recurring revenue.  The article implies that it can be the different between a valuation of 8 to 10 times earnings and a valuation that provides a reseller with a marginally higher paying job for a few years.

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Takeaway From Sage Tier Announcements of April 2014

IAAF World Athletics Championships - Day 3

Sage yesterday announced a revamping of their partner tier computations. On the surface not much seems to have changed – well at least to the naked eye. Partners seem  ambivalent about the changes likely because margin percentage wasn’t drastically impacted.

Well, no impact  so long as you keep selling new  licenses. Whether these changes are good or bad largely depends on the VAR’s specific situations Good for larger partners heavily invested in Sage. Bad for small independent partners largely making money from commission on maintenance renewals and installed base license sales.

However there are two messages that were clearly broadcast which I believe apply to every partner. [Read more…]