Sage Announces Salesforce Deal

towel_throwSage this morning announcing an agreement with Salesforce (a) whereby colleagues across Sage will use Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform and (b) Sage will undertake development work on the Salesforce1 platform to extend its capability in delivering cloud solutions to the small and medium-sized companies market.

This is all well and good though the unanswered question is what happens, if anything, with the company’s own Sage CRM product which had been anointed a global CRM solution amongst all the Sage products.

Seems as if reselling Sage CRM might be a tougher proposition seeing as Sage has issued a press release touting  adoption of a competing CRM.

So far as I’m aware this wasn’t fully discussed in Dublin at the Sage CRM Bootcamp which just wrapped early last week.

Developing. I’m sure more to come.

The Transformation Of Microsoft Convergence: 2015+ Event To Target BDM

Word from the Enterprise Software Podcast that Microsoft Convergence 2015 will target BDM (aka Business Decision Makers). As explained on a recent group call to exhibitors Microsoft will be pulling in “the stack” of products (think Azure, Office, Office 365) and targeting the decision making end users.

This will apparently be the last Convergence with “deep technical content”. Future Convergence events will become “Microsoft Business Events”.  One of the keynotes this year is Seth Godin.



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Sage CEO Stephen Kelly Posts First Blog

Sage’s new CEO Stephen Kelly has posted his first blog article titled “Is your mobile friend or foe”.

Nothing groundbreaking except it’s the first time we’ve seen a Sage CEO blog.

Stephen’s Blog

Let Me Know A Time We Can Talk In The Next Few Days

Where do they teach these dumb sales tactics?

Has anyone ever responded to an email spam request and immediately contacted the sender to announce a good time to talk in the next few days? 

Net@Work: Last Of The Sage Loyalists Joins Netsuite

News circulated on January 29, 2015 that Net@Work – ranked #10 on the Accounting Today 2014 VAR 100 with $34.50 million revenues – has taken on Netsuite.

Founded in 1996, Net@Work has 5,500 clients and around 160 employees in 14 offices across the U.S. and Canada. An expert in technology infrastructure, Net@Work has also built successful practices across all areas of business, including accounting/ERP, CRM, manufacturing/distribution, HRMS, ecommerce, Microsoft SharePoint, and enterprise/ document management representing partners such as Sage Software, Abila, Microsoft, Magento, Dell, HP, Citrix and VMware.

Net@Work will promote, implement and support NetSuite to its customers and a growing new prospect base that are increasingly interested in moving to cloud-based ERP and business management solutions from on-premise software. The consultancy will also leverage its vertical industry domain knowledge to build SuiteApps using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform to meet their clients vertical needs.

In my view Sage will be able to show good results in North America for the next few years mainly by margin/tier “gymnastics” and price increases.  The problem may start to appear in the longer term (3-5 years) as partners are fully ramped up to deliver competitive solutions both to new users and existing customers.
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Sage Accountants Network Success Story

I met Bo and Paul while they were waiting for a taxi on the way out of Sage Summit 2012 in Nashville. They’ve documented the impact that attending Sage Summit had on their business.

Vitafoam Nigeria PLC Claims Sage ERP X3 Delays Audited Financial Report

sage_erpx3 Nigerian based Vitafoam Niegeria has delayed release of their September 30, 2014 audited financial statements saying that a transition from Sage Line 500 to Sage ERP X3 “has impacted the timelines previously set for the preparation and audit of the year end accounts”.


Sage Group Annual Report Available Online

Sage Group Annual ReportThe full Annual Report & Accounts 2014 for Sage is now available for review online as well as download. The company reported final results on December 3, 2014 with organic revenue growth of 5% (2013: 4%) and organic operating profit margin of 27.5% (2013: 27.1%).

Sage Annual Report & Accounts 2014

Sage Seeking Global Head of Sage One Marketing

Sageone global
According to this LinkedIn job posting in 2014 Sage created a global marketing department to promote their Sage One entry level SaaS solution. Now the company is seeking a Head of Marketing to manage the process including “buy-in from all stakeholders (up to ExCo and down into the local teams)”.

In their latest annual report Sage indicated 86,000 paying Sage One subscriptions – 146% increase from the prior year.

Sage One is our global cloud solution for start-up and small businesses. Following its launch in the UK & Ireland (“UKI”) in 2011, Sage One is now commercially available in 10 countries including the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and South Africa.

The relatively recent launch of Sage One, together with its low monthly subscription, means it is not yet a material contributor to Group revenue. However, Sage One is an important product in helping us to grow market share amongst start-up and small businesses.

The main Sage One development team is based in the UK. The architecture of Sage One is modular so that regional development teams can build functionality addressing local legislation that seamlessly plugs in to the core product. Examples of these modules include quotations in France and debit notes in Spain.

Avoid Simplenote For Note Taking – Unreliable Sync Erases Notes


Simplenote is a note taking application which offers methods to take notes on the web as well as all major smartphone platforms. Recently we’ve had experience where notes disappear right before our eyes as they are syncing to the various devices on our account (web, Android, iPhone).

And it looks like we are not the first person to complain about poor sync functionality with Simplenote.

With the start of the new year many of you could be looking for updated or new ways to take notes while on the go. We have found Evernote to be the most stable when syncing between various devices. Microsoft OneNote is also a good alternative.

In our view you should avoid this product and instead focus on a more reliable alternative such as Evernote or OneNote.