Dear Wayne – I am interested in learning more about how you use social media

wayne schulz bhWayne,

I really enjoy reading your posts and observing how you are leveraging social media. You have presented yourself as an expert on many topics–good for you!

I am interested in learning more about how you are using social media in your business. Do you currently promote products through Facebook, twitter and other forums? If so, I would really like to talk with you about the metrics you watch and time you dedicate to contributing and responding in these forums.

Thanks again for sharing your articles.
While I don’t think I have any unique answers to this question — it is one that I get quite a bit and perhaps by sharing my response I’ll provide value to someone else who is wondering about the same thing. Namely – how does all this Social Media fit into business and can you make any money at it (and how??).

My Response:

Hi –

We’re lifestyle consultants over here — that means we earn more money than awards….;-)

Almost all of our marketing is to existing users and “our end” (aka – why we are doing this and how we monetize it) of the marketing is to offer both project work and ongoing support plans to existing “A list” users of MAS90 or MAS200. Selling our services is the most profitable business line for us to be in.

Another reason I use social media is that I’m a terrible salesman. If people didn’t come to me I would starve….

We probably turn away 6 to 10 people every month who want to ask a quick question or pay only for 15 minutes of our time.

In a good month we’ll bring on 3 or 4 MAS90 phone support clients at $2,800 each and usually a project to go along with it. This does not happen every month (certainly not in summer) but it isn’t out of the ordinary – especially during times when Sage issues upgrades, etc.

We don’t take on existing users who are looking for free quick questions or for pay per call type support. I don’t see any business model in that and have found those types of customers to be very disloyal and resource hogs (to put it candidly).

Social Media is one component (not the only) that helps to establish us as experts that a user should feel comfortable writing a check to without a lot of back and forth sales discussions. So far this works well.

Time estimates and measurement?

Really the only measurement I’m doing now is Google Analytics to measure page growth.

I also run an email newsletter that publishes twice per month and goes out to 2.200+ subscribers. This is VERY effective in obtaining new clients.

I can’t say whether Facebook or Twitter are going to attract any particular business. My gut feel is they are a part of a way that prospects expect you to communicate — and not an entire marketing program in themself.

I’m Senior Editor at which I blog for from 4:30 to 8:00 7 days a week. This is where I learned WordPress and the art of generating and posting my own unique content.

Until recently the concept of blogging for VARS was unheard of. Now you see some big ones get involved and I think you’ll see a lot more. Most of them struggle mightily with the concept of finding something worthwhile to write regularly about.

The biggest issue with VAR bloggers is they think the same 15 articles about “why you should use ____ ” is a pretty good article inventory….and they write the same damn ones over and over. B-O-R-I-N-G…

With respect to time commitment it’s a matter of re-using content whenever possible and getting good at the tools needed to post. So much of what is available online will cross post to other blogs — and Twitter serves as a good source — that once you leverage these tools it make the time a little less.

I blog probably 4 to 5 hours per day — counting


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  1. Wayne,

    So what’s the answer to the question, “how does all this Social Media fit into business and can you make any money at it (and how??).

    You talked about one aspect of Social Technology. There are many other facets that should include a strategic approach to Social Technology.

    If a customer comes to you and wants to know what they should be doing in the S.T. world do you give that information away for free or do you, as Mahan Khasal stresses, move away from the solution? I see several opportunities here for additional revenue & frankly think that we, as the “experts” give away enough of our time & knowledge & I have no problem with making this a paid engagement.

    I admire your business approach & will be forever grateful for the mentorship that you have provided to me over the past couple of years, but I just wonder if we’re leaving too much on the table.

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