Tip: Use Sugarsync to store all your master program CDs

SugarSync-storage-solutionHas this ever happened to you?

After arriving at a client site you find that you’re missing that one CD required to complete a software installation?

In the past I’ve tried creating a master set of CDs and carefully inserted them into a looseleaf binder. The problem? I kept leaving the most important ones behind in the client’s CD tray. Then I’d go to look for it at the next client and the CD that I needed was missing!

I’ve rushed into the office on days that I knew I had to be out on-site with a client and hustled to burn the CD’s that I thought I might need. What I found is this always resulted in the client  having the exact CDs  needed and my early morning dash to the office was for nothing.

Instead I’m going to tell you how you can completely solve the problem of always having every CD at your fingertips without spending any extra time or pre-planning. It’s dirt cheap – and as a plus if a client ever calls to say they can’t find their Crystal Reports Disks (or insert favorite application disk that clients love to lose) – then you can send a copy to the client via your iPhone/BlackBerry or Android device in seconds.The solution that I’ve been using for well over a year now is Sugarsync.

This brilliantly simple solution allows you to synchronize an entire folder (and all subfolders) from your local computer to their servers (aka – the clouds).

What I do to make this work  is immediately take any of the source CDs that I receive in the office and use a common utility like Winzip to make them into one compressed file.

Then on my local computer I have a folder structure such as:

Source Disks

Then beneath that I may have

CrystalDisksVersion 8.5

CrystalDisksVersion 10

Anything that I place into the Source Disks subfolders automatically synchronizes up to Sugarsyncs servers.

Once the files are stored on the Sugarsync servers then I can have access to them either:

  • Via the web
  • Via the free iPhone application
  • Via the free BlackBerry application
  • Via the free Android application

The beauty of this system is that it’s ridiculously easy to send a client a complete set of source CDs right from your smartphone.

Here’s an example of how my Sugarsync iPhone application is setup.

sugarsync iphone

By clicking on any of these folders I have access to my entire version library of CDs.

For example — if a client is missing a Crystal 8.5 Disk – I can navigate to the Crystal Disks folder (shown above) within which I have all my relevant Crystal Reports source disks zipped up.

sugarsync iphone 2

Now to send a copy to a client (all that’s actually sent is a private URL for them to download the file from) I click on the set of disks and am prompted to enter the email address that I would like to send the link to.

sugarsync iphone 3

I can enter a message to indicate that the files they need are included in the link.

sugarsync iphone 4

If you aren’t using Sugarsync to store all of your source disks then you’re just working too hard. The cost is $99 per year for 60 GB of storage. Other plans are available here.

Link: Sugarsync

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