Descriptive titles are the key to getting people to read (and find) your blog

200428509-002Hopefully by now you’ve realized the importance of blogging to attract visitors to your company site. Topical and frequently updated content is something that search engines like Google thrive upon. Blogging is a key way to generate that type of content.

There’s one huge mistake that I see in about 75% of all company blogs.

The title of their posts are completely wrong, boring and don’t give enough detail to get anyone to start reading the whole article and visiting their site.

It’s easy to write great content.

Just think of how many emails you send per day.

The idea for this post came from an email that I sent just 15 minutes ago to my blogging team at But an interesting and well written story is only half the battle. IF you’re story does not have an interesting title there’s a high probability that nobody will ever read it – or find it in Google or Bing search.

Poorly titled blog posts are my pet peeve.

Many of your readers use RSS feeds to skim headlines.
That’s the only way they may determine whether to visit your site.
While a story title like “This is crazy” (I don’t think anyone has used that title so I’m using it as an example) might make sense to YOU — for the reader and people who search the web on keywords – IT MEANS NOTHING.

Zilch. Zip.


Guess what they do when they see a confusing or vague post title?

They read right on over to the next interesting story in their RSS Feed or Google search results.

Always strive for a descriptive title for your posts that briefly summarizes what your story is about while using appropriate keywords and product names where possible.

For example — Holy Cow, This is Amazing, What A Shock, Here we go again

Are those story titles that you stop to read if you’re browsing 100 RSS feeds?

I usually don’t. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t great at attracting web visitors to take a deeper look at your post.

Don’t title the story for you — title it for the new web visitor who stumbles across our site.


Accounting software now available


MAS90 upgrade available


Sage shipping MAS90 version 4.4 upgrade – enhances Inventory, Bill Of Materials and Purchase Order

The titles above are just quick examples. See how the ones that I’ve labeled better and best contain product names, detail and keywords that someone browsing the web might search for? Where possible avoid vague titles – that is unless you’re looking for vague results.

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  1. You make some interesting points that I will have to consider when making future blog posts. To date I have spent more time trying to create off beat titles that will stand out from others in order to generate enough intrigue to read.

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