Do You Introduce Yourself Properly at Conferences?

speakerConferences can be a great place to meet and network with colleagues – provided you  introduce yourself the right way.

Have you ever run into someone at a conference and they introduce themselves – and you have absolutely no idea who they are or if you’ve even met them before.

One tip that Michael Arrington makes in a great post over on Techcrunch is to always introduce yourself with your name and company — “Hi – Wayne Schulz from Schulz Consulting”. This relieves the person you’re speaking with from the awkward “who is this” feeling that can accompany a hectic conference introduction.

Check out the rest of Michaels tips. Some are common sense (never call a cell phone number on the business card you’ve just collected) to the less obvious (A mutual friend who introduces you by email or in person is far more effective than a cold self-introduction at a crowded event). Read the full post here