MAS200 Var Outsells Epicor And You Can Too – Here’s How

The VAR who submitted this post requested that it be removed.

The original content contained a description of how he assisted a client with the purchase of MAS200 in a sale that he ultimately won against both Epicor and Great Plains Dynamics.

His sales tactics? To listen and understand the client’s problem. He spent 18 hours and 3 weeks doing so. No tricks. No dirt. Just good old fashioned consulting.

I can only speculate on the reasons behind his request.

Usually these requests happen because the losing publisher – either Epicor or Dynamics in this example – read the post (or  the losing VAR sent a link) and are able to exert pressure. This pressure’s usually not directly on the site (nobody other than the VAR who wrote the original post contacted me). Rather the losers search for some other avenue to exert pressure.

At this moment you may be thinking – whoa Wayne –  doesn’t the first amendment protect speech?

The answer is absolutely.

But what the first amendment doesn’t do is protect against a losing competitor who calls an end user to complain about the article and how it portrayed the losing competitor in a poor light.

Given that the original post described how MAS 200 was selected over Epicor or Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics DESPITE both of those packages being discounted considerably  (the words “name your price” were in the original post), despite teams from each competitor putting on a considerable dog and pony show.

There were probably a lot of expensive resources deployed to beat a Sage competitor who won primarily based on old fashioned listening skills.

I think the competition was probably ashamed and don’t want you to read about their experience.

I would have been too.