Wondering How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business? Meet Scott Jordan.

Many people wonder how Social Media can be used in their business. They think it’s cool to share things with their friends but aren’t really convinced that it can be used to create sales.

The best example that I’ve seen of someone using social media to promote their business is Scott Jordan.

He’s the owner of Scottevest which make jackets for geeks with lots of pockets to hold their cell phones and other gear.


Take a look at Scott’s Facebook page to get an idea of the type and quantity of things that he posts that help him generate business (he claims much of his new sales increases have been driven by Twitter/Facebook).

Some things that I think are noteworthy.

One of the most important things you’ll notice about Scott Jordan is that the doesn’t only use one Social Media site. He uses nearly all of them.

If one site’s not working after a while he just stops. But he’s always providing a regular stream of content on the sites that work for him. Invariably I’m sure that Scott measures effectiveness by tracking incoming traffic to his site via a free tool like Google Analytics.

Scott doesn’t just broadcast information about his business all day long. It’s not one big sales pitch (though that’s a big part of it). He mixes in personal and interesting topics.

– He doesn’t use only one method – it’s not just Facebook or Twitter or YouTube — he uses them all. And most of them converge on his Facebook page as well as broadcasting out on Twitter. Click the image below to see all the places that Scott’s active.

– He talks about a wide variety of things – it’s not just business. How boring would it be if all he did was post pictures of jackets and asked you to buy. Here’s an interesting item from Scott Jordan’s Posterous site

– He has a mix of daily posts that may show him skiing or walking his dogs – as well as posting about new products that he’s thinking of introducing.

The mix of content that Scott produces keeps you following his updates. Along the way that invariably also keeps you updated on his products. In most cases Scott never has to ask you to buy anything – the thought will probgably naturally occur from exposure to his products in a non-sales type of format.

If you (or your company) have been wondering where Social Media should fit into your marketing mix — take a look at how Scott Jordan does it. Friend him on Facebook. Watch how he markets. Do the same thing (or modify the ideas) for your business. I think the concepts will be helpful — take the best ones and adapt them to your business.

Read more about Scott Jordan’s Social Media in this article from MSN dated 1/4/2010 .