LinkedIn for BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Tour – Now Available

LinkedIn has just released version 1.0 of their application for BlackBerry devices.

This version works with OS 4.3+ and requires either a Bold, Tour or Curve model (that’s right – no Storm support at the moment).

The application is  quite good. The main benefits over the iPhone version being deep integration to the native BlackBerry inbox (try that on the iPhone!).

LinkedIN for BlackBerry resembles the Facebook for BlackBerry program.

The design is not as pretty as that on the LinkedIn for iPhone interface — though the integration goes so much deeper that you’ll probably want to use the BlackBerry LinkedIN version.

In fact I’m going to declare the LinkedIn for BlackBerry application as a key reason (for those of us on LinkedIn)  to use a BlackBerry. I believe it’s going to be an essential business tool for almost any serious BlackBerry user.

Here’s why.

One of the coolest things about the BlackBerry LinkedIN application is how tightly it connects to your inbox.

Here’s what LinkedIn say’s about the integration:

Native features of LinkedIn for BlackBerry include:

  • Contacts.  Integrate your LinkedIn connections with your BlackBerry address book, and view the profile of any contact directly on your BlackBerry.
  • Messages.  LinkedIn invitations and messages will now appear in your BlackBerry Inbox, just like any other email.  You can also view the LinkedIn profile of the sender of any email you receive.
  • Calendar.  You can now view the LinkedIn profile of any attendee of a meeting on your BlackBerry calendar.

Now, right from the convenience of your primary BlackBerry applications, you can easily select “View LinkedIn Profile”, and view the full LinkedIn public profile for anyone. Whether it’s a meeting invitation, an email, or an address book contact, you can get the information you need about someone, anytime, anywhere.

So, how does it work in practice? Is it as good as they say?

In a word – yes.

When you receive an email, you’re able to read that mail as you always would. What LinkedIN for BlackBerry adds is a menu (accessible right from the BlackBerry inbox) where you can request to view the profile of the person who has just sent you an email.

How handy is that!?

Clicking on the view profile takes me right to Mark’s LinkedIn page. This is a very handy feature for those of us who do most of our work in the field and are not near a computer from which to look up someone’s LinkedIn profile.

For BlackBerry users who are also heavy LinkedIN users – this is a killer feature of the BlackBerry LinkedIN application.

There are even more cool features – you can comment on a contact’s status update:

View a list of all your contacts — including their REAL email addresses. Amazingly the LinkedIn application allows you to either use the native LinkedIn mail application for messaging or you can view the true email of your contacts and send a normal email through BlackBerry email.

Not sure if someone is a LinkedIn member? Search for them from your BlackBerry LinkedIn Application

The BlackBerry version of LinkedIn isn’t as sexy as the iPhone. However the deep integration to the inbox, ability to review the LinkedIn profile of anyone who sends you an email and the ease with which you can comment on status updates make it a keeper.

Limitations of LinkedIN for BlackBerry

There’s a lot to like about the LinkedIN for BlackBerry 1.0 application.

And a few things that I’d like to see.

First, there needs to be support for the BlackBerry Storm asap. The lack of a version that will run on the Storm is puzzling and here’s hoping that a version update will fix this is the very near future.

Second, I’d like to see the ability to participate in discussion areas via LinkedIn for BlackBerry. Starting and participating in discussions is one of the most high value uses of the LinkedIn service and I’d like the ability to start and reply to discussions from my BlackBerry. I’d also like to see new discussions appear in my main BlackBerry inbox.

How To Obtain LinkedIn for BlackBerry

If you’re in the United States, search the BlackBerry App World for LINKEDIN.

If you’re outside the United States you can visit BlackBerry LinkedIn Download.

For more screen shots of the LinkedIn for BlackBerry application – visit my Picasa web album.

via: LinkedIn Blog – LinkedIn for BlackBerry: Anytime, Anywhere

connect: Wayne Schulz on LinkedIn

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