5 Second Lesson: Secret To Consulting Success, Crushing Competitors, Lifelong Customers

There’s no shortage of consultants wanting a quick fix to to get their practice back on a growth path.

The common perception is that their software publisher is to blame. If only the publisher would restore margins to the same level/provide more leads/improve the product at the same rate / do more brand marketing / cut their meat for them, etc.

In a word there’s a whole crew of consultants  waiting in lawn chairs for the year 1988 to return — and their belief is that then the world would again rotate in a perfect spin.

The trouble is that it’s not 1988 – and it’s never going to be 1988 again. The old rules don’t apply. Even the new rules aren’t so perfect. Consultants who don’t grow and adapt die (actually they merge then die).

Turn the corner and there’s another social media expert, SEO (search engine optimization) king or a sales trainer who promises that if you attend their 5 day $ 3,500 course (with optional 7 year coaching plan) that they can return you to 1988.

Here’s some tough love.

The reason your business sucks is you.

You’re doing something wrong. It’s so simple that you’re going to ignore me when I tell you what it is.  And you’ll totally disbelieve me when I tell you it’s that one single flaw that’s leading to a stream of problems (clients leaving, prospects choosing other consultants).

What are you’re doing wrong?

The answer to why your business sucks so badly?

You don’t return emails promptly.

The new normal for communication isn’t phone – or fax or postal service. The new normal is email.

Your clients use email as the phone – yet you steadfastly refuse to turn that BlackBerry on after hours or reply while you’re on vacation or off-the-clock.

I’ve taken on $ 20,000 clients whose sole complaint about their former consultant was that they could not get them to reply to an email.

Totally 100% serious.

Over 5 years, because I’d reply faster to an email than another consultant, I’ve earned well in excess of $ 100,000. And that’s just one client example.

Top Consultant Email Beliefs Which Kill Your Business

  • Don’t like or want to use a BlackBerry/iPhone/Android for mobile email
  • Don’t want clients bothering them during off-hours
  • Don’t give clients their personal email/cell (both are related)
  • Afraid to put their email on the web because of SPAM (a 1985 era valid complaint – that’s solved now with nearly 100% effective SPAM filters)
  • Smartphone investment is too expensive

If you recognize yourself – or anyone in your company – in the above list then it’s time to get with the “new normal”.

Client’s today (and prospects too) expect to be able to connect with you anywhere. That means mobile email is no longer a curiosity as it was in the late 1980’s – it’s now a necessity.

Still not a believer? Go ahead and ignore that client email and reply to it when you get a chance. The problem is that “your” client may already have found another consultant to answer their question. I know this because I’ve seen it happen over and over again – leaving clients complaining that “someone stole my client” when in fact their own ignorance lost the client.

Are you gifting $100,000 clients to competitors?

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  1. Wayne, you are so right! Same with phone calls. We’ve picked up many clients simply because they don’t get responses from their business partner. Finally, one unreturned call or email becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back. One client came to us after getting no response for six weeks after repeatedly calling the partner. Talk about giving the partner a fair chance. Then we became the bad guy.

  2. It would be nice that you credit the photographer when you use a photograph on the blog.

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