Sue Swenson Considered To Lead Sage UK?

News broke over the weekend that Paul Walker, chief executive for the last 16 years at Sage UK, would be leaving the company. There’s no announced time period during which he will depart, however FT. com indicates that it could come as early as this year.

UPDATE: December 1, 2010 – Sue Swenson announced her retirement from Sage North America effective mid 2011.

Three possible replacements were mentioned by analysts in an FT.COM article – with one of them being Sue Swenson, currently the President of Sage North America.

There will undoubtedly be more candidates than the three above  as other publications have reported that executive placement firms will be retained to locate additional candidates.

Sue Swenson was brought in to replace former Sage North America President Ron Verni shortly after a massive Sage North America shakeup that saw Verni and two other  top Sage executive ousted unexpectedly in October 2007.

Sage North America has  grown largely by a series of acquisitions. This growth in recent years has slowed as the market for ERP software licenses has stalled and the company has worked to integrate their many acquisitions into a cohesive product lineup.

In May 2009 Sage cut 900 employees in North America amidst a 9% decline in earnings. Most recent earnings showed 10% revenue decline in North America with increasingly important support contracts flat at 601,000.

Since her arrival Sue Swenson has re-organized the North America business units and made key leadership appointments to run each.

Source: FT.COM