Sage’s Response To Their MAS Knowledgebase Outage(s)

It’s the second day of  Sage MAS90 consultants trying to log into what’s known as the Sage Software Online site.

As of this morning (7/2/10) the Sage  knowledgebase used to research technical support issues is down again – either in whole or in part.

This is the latest knowledgebase site outage in what has become  frequent enough that that our consulting group  routinely downloads and saves major program patches to a fantastically helpful service called Sugarsync (referral link) which allows us to then access the files over the web or from our mobile devices.

We need these patches to ensure that we can deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience to our customers.

For most of yesterday 7/1/2010 the portion of Sage’s support site used by the MAS 90 and MAS 200 consultants who log in over the web to research problem reports and provide support to mutual customers and deliver on Sage’s stated goal of an Exceptional Customer Experience was down.

Other portions of the site for downloading patches and fixes have sporadically been up and down. It looks as if Sage is working to create better redundancy in their servers and apparently as the saying goes – things have to get worse before they get better.