My New Normal

Goodness – here’s the new normal – client’s ask us to “talk to their IT department and/or software developer”.

These people (the IT folks) are typically so vastly over-confident and wrongfully assume that it’s a Facebook world and everything including complex ERP software is plug and play — that they don’t take any time to understand the full project.

Client wants you of course to have this “quick conference call” for free because there’s really “nothing to it” ….

Project blows up – despite your very up-front discussions and good recommendations to use outside expert resource. The IT department assures the client – “it’s no problem” and “they can do it themselves and don’t need outside resources”.

Client tries to come back after the project implodes (you’ll know it’s imploding because you will start to get email messages where half the population of North America is CC:’d )–  and ask US — “why?”

Luckily my memory on these things is good and we spend a LOT of time explaining  (before they client made their decision to ignore our advice )– what’s going to potentially go wrong.

When it invariably goes wrong — sometimes really wrong —  we charge 2X our fee to become involved or invite the client to find another partner.

That’s MY new normal ….have a good day.

2 Replies to “My New Normal”

    1. Just had another case yesterday. The client had asked for some information on how to connect their web store to their accounting system.

      I promptly connected them with people who have a reputation for making things like this happen with a minimum of fuss and technical confusion.

      The client’s IT developer waved off the additional assistance.

      I thought things were odd when the client emailed me (twice) asking for an update — since their own IT developer told us that no assistance was needed.

      The story ends by the client calling (two months after we had very proactively responded to their original request for assistance) telling us they were not comfortable with their IT developer who was now telling them that they did not have enough information to make the programming connections they anticipated to the accounting system.

      Sadly by the time the client made this realization the resources were not longer available until early next year.

      Too bad that clients just don’t seem to trust us when we advise them about these matters. At least not initially and before they’re burned by what increasingly seems to be a growing crew of “we can do it all” IT staffers — who pretty regularly fail to do it all.

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