Basecamp for Consulting Project Management

Since early summer we’ve been using Basecamp from 37Signals for project management. What I like about this online service is that it’s not a rigid project management tool (Gant, Pert, Charts, Resources) but instead offers a way to easily collaborate with groups of people (think consultants, customers) online around projects of varying depth.

Take this project to design a custom Crystal Report for a client. We were asked to design the report in July. Delivered the report fully complete in mid-August. The client for various reasons never got around to approving (aka paying).

Fast forward to November 10, 2010 when we receive the call that they’re ready to review that report — a mere 4 months after delivery. Anyone else have trouble remembering what a client told them to change on a report 4 months ago??

Luckily since we are using Basecamp (click the image to see the actual project) all of the client comments about the design of the report were listed. The client was able to login to Basecamp, review our comments and leave their own updates.

The result? When we did meet on November 10 there was no confusion over who asked for what change. The project was quickly approved.

If you’re not using an online system similar to Basecamp to involve your clients in defining and approving phases of your projects – why?



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