Sage Quietly Delivers A Message In Barbados

As partners of ERP companies how many times do we complain that the only people getting any attention are big box moving award winning partners ?

I know I’m guilty of this. And on more than one occasion.

Sage appears to be working hard to dispel that myth. Check out this article online (thanks to Scott Zandbergen (Twitter)  of Sage for pointing it out).

The story is remarkable for several reasons.

According to the article (link below) Sage has about 6 partners in Barbados. They have 250 customers. Yet Sage made  a trip during the busy December time to meet with customers and partners to discuss the products and how they can improve.

Yes, you could argue that Sage wanted to take a vacation to a warmer climate in the cold winter months. Except that all the people making the trip already live in warmer climates — and spending three days talking to customers and partners is no vacation…

Pictured in the photo accompanying the local story (see link below)  is Tom Miller. He’s the VP of Channel Management for Sage North America and one of CRN’s Channel Champions for 2010.  Sage also provided several other key people to speak about products, strategy and listen to both partners and customers.

So far as I’ve spotted Sage has not used this as a publicity stunt (at least not yet). If there’s a better photo or local story depicting Sage North America’s dedication to a channel organization or to an Extraordinary Customer Experience  than the one above – I’ve yet to see it.

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