Sage Likely To Re-Enter Acquisition Mode In 2011 With Pascal Houllion

An interesting article in the Orange County Business Journal spotlights an interview with retiring Sage North America CEO Sue Swenson. While Sue states that her retirement was her idea and part of an orderly transition – she also makes two additional comments which are noteworthy.

“M&A activity is back on the agenda,” she said. “We will look for opportunities to add to the portfolio, whether it’s expanding current businesses, adding a technology or something from a geographic perspective.”

Additionally, the publication reports that incoming CEO Pascal Houllion has “made unofficial visits to Sage’s local offices in recent weeks. He’s bought a house in Orange County and enrolled his daughter in school here”.

Additionally Sage have just updated their management page to reflect Houllion’s arrival in North America with the title Regional CEO designate, Sage North America.

Orange County Business Journal