Doug Burgum Is Back In The CEO Game

He’s back! Albeit probably only temporarily.

I just spied this press release issue January 31, 2011 announcing that Great Plains founder and former Microsoft Executive Doug Burgum has taken the Interim CEO position at one of his Arthur Ventures Growth Fund, LLC portfolio companies.

In a press release dated January 31, 2011 the company states that a search for a CEO is under way.  The company is located in Fargo, ND — and a former high level Sage Executive who reportedly didn’t want to leave Fargo for Orange County is available…

Full press release follows.

FARGO, ND – January 31, 2011 – Intelligent InSites, a leading provider of enterprise visibility solutions for the healthcare market, has announced a change on its senior leadership team. Mark Rheault, president and CEO of Intelligent InSites, has resigned. He retains ownership in the company and has been offered a consulting relationship with the company.

Doug Burgum, co-founder and chairman of Arthur Ventures Growth Fund, LLC, has been named interim president and CEO. Arthur Ventures, a venture capital partner, is the largest outside investor in the company.

“Mark has been instrumental in the growth and success of Intelligent InSites,” said Dr. Raymond Gruby, chairman of the board of Intelligent InSites. “We’re grateful for his many contributions to building the company to date.”

The search for a new president and CEO is under way. “The right candidate will position and scale the company to deliver on its vision while ensuring the long-term shared success of our customers, partners and investors,” said Gruby.

Founded in 2004, Intelligent InSites provides solutions that help healthcare organizations gain visibility into their operations while reducing costs and improving quality care.

“The market opportunity for these solutions is enormous,” said Burgum, “and Intelligent InSites is extremely well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.”

In November 2010, for the second straight year, Modern Healthcare magazine named Intelligent InSites as the number one employer in its annual ranking of the “Best Places to Work in Health Care.” Additionally, the company has won numerous industry awards for consistently delivering superior technology products and services.

“Intelligent InSites is recognized as a leader in driving innovation,” concluded Burgum. “The company’s mission to significantly improve the safety, satisfaction, and quality of life of its clients and the people it serves remains unwavering.”

About Intelligent InSites
Intelligent InSites is transforming the healthcare industry by driving significant, measurable and sustainable financial and quality-of-care improvements in hospitals and senior care communities by delivering on the vision of the Real-Time Enterprise. By providing a single software platform capable of automating and streamlining dozens of systems and processes using real-time location and sensory data continuously collected throughout the enterprise, Intelligent InSites helps healthcare organizations gain visibility into their operations and make profound improvements in the area of workflow optimization, patient and resident safety and satisfaction, asset and inventory management, and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit

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