Blogging 101: How It’s Done

There’s such an abundance of useless online blogs doing nothing more than copying content from one site to another that it’s refreshing to stumble across David van Toor’s site.

David’s the former Senior VP and GM of CRM solutions at Sage North America.

His blog is labeled ThoughtBytes and he states the postings are “Longer than a Tweet but shorter than a Blog”.

Are you struggling with starting your own blog (or more likely keeping it going with fresh content)?

Read through his writing and you’ll see one crucially important trait in every one of David’s posts. I call it the “special sauce”.

Although David borrows from other online content  – the main topic of every post  is not the content itself — the topic is David’s observation, questions or interpretation of the content which he is writing about.

Whenever you write online you need to add your own perspective, ideas and opinions whenever you’re writing about a topic – whether original or another site’s post.

If there’s not something unique you’ve added to the post – why would a reader keep coming back?

I’ve pointed this out numerous times to LinkedIn discussion group members where marketing folks like to drop in a promotional URL without any commentary (something I consider pure advertising – and bad form). With just an added paragraph or two  the boring advertisement could have value added and become a powerful selling tool for the company rather than a lonely standalone link which many avoid as spam.

Run out of topics to blog about? It’s ok to write about other stories you’ve found online.  That’s what blogging is all about.

Don’t, however, forget to add in your own special sauce to make it your own. Check out David’s site for a great example of how this is done.

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