Why Try Before You Buy Is A Sucker’s Bet

Here’s one version of what, in IT Consulting, I call a sucker’s bet.

There’s actually quite a few consultants who even still don’t recognize this as a losing proposition – instead thinking that if they just impress the prospect with their knowledge (for free) that the prospect will surely jump into their outstretched arms…

Here’s how it goes…

A potential client emails with a list of a few high level problems they’re having with their IT system…

They however decline to name their current consultant — preferring to instead “try” your services before they decide to buy.

In other words they don’t want to stop using their consultant — they just want to run you both in parallel. Sort of a “try before we buy” (as the prospect just put it).

To do so I’ve (repeatedly) learned is a sucker’s bet.

If we are lucky we may even get paid (however most likely what we’ll get is a round of lengthy conference calls where they milk you for free info).

My reply:

I greatly appreciate the inquiry, however I’m going to have to decline.

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