What A MAS90 Blog Is Not

Sorry for the teensy image capture on the left (double click it and you can view the full page image) – but there’s no way I’m linking to the site.

Please – if you are going to start what you call a blog – make it be more than lengthy paragraphs crammed with keywords that does nothing other than try to game the search engines.

And for kicks read the first page of the blog where they announce how they’re not like any other blog and their site contains no fluff. Please don’t make this mistake and produce this type of unhelpful content that is so obviously only written for search engine optimization.


One Reply to “What A MAS90 Blog Is Not”

  1. What a pile of complete and utter garbage. There is nothing wrong with optimizing your blog for search engines, but this keyword stuffing c_ap is sad. If this site actually moves up the rankings, I will have lost all respect…

    Typically to move up, they need to host Google Adwords. This way google gives this garbage a pass because it generates money for them 🙂

    I can’t believe search engines, even the mighty google can’t spot keyword stuffing like this.

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