Joe Bergera Head of CRM At Sage – Moves to CCH

Joe Bergera, head of CRM for Sage North America, has according to Bob Scott’s Insights newsletter jumped ship in favor of competitor CCH.

As Bob points out – Joe Bergera was an Executive Vice President at Sage North America and led the entire CRM division. Bergera follow Jodi-Uecker Rust, Sue Swenson, Paul Johnson and Doug Meyer as the latest high level executive to jump ship depart Sage.

This string of executive departures seems likely kicked off by the planned retirement of Sage North America CEO Sue Swenson in 2011 and the change of leadership which results. Until this year Sage’s North America team had been largely intact with very little movement in the top ranks.

Watch for more possible change as new EVP types usually want to bring in people that they’re comfortable working with.


Bob Scott’s Insights

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