Sage Reorganization 2011 – Executive Update 1

It’s only a few months until Sage Summit 2011 kicks off on July 10, 2011 in Washington DC. For any of you who watch Sage closely you know there’s usually an announcement or two leading up to the annual conference.

For ease of tracking I’ll start numbering these announcements in a manner similar to how Sage versions their software.

Each annual reorganization can be designated by the year. As executives leave we’ll signify that as executive update ##.

In the past we’ve had significant Sage reorganizations that aligned head count with revenues, announcement reducing the tier awarded to partners (or significantly boosting the requirements) and even announce the retirement of the hard charging CEO Sue Swenson to spend more time attending college courses.

This time around the chair shuffling appears far less broad. According to a press release from Sage we can expect a new leader to replace Jodi Uecker-Rust (at a time and place yet announced and still TBD). The significance of this announcement appears largely that nobody internal from Sage was bumped up to claim this post.

Also noted:

CTO Motasim Najeeb exits after joining Sage in January 2009 and making his one and only keynote appearance before partners on stage at Insights in May 2009. According to Bob Scott Motasim will be replaced.

Himanshu Palsule navigates into the position of Executive Vice President, North America Strategy, Connie Certusi, Executive Vice President, Small Business Accounting Solutions and relative newcomer Robert Deshaies, Executive Vice President, Specialty Solutions.

Essentially a bunch of shuffling. Clarification that a Jodi Uecker-Rust replacement is in the cards some day.