Sage ERP X3 May 26, 2011 Conference Wrapup

Sage’s ERP X3 May 26, 2011 Worldwide conference just wrapped. Logging in at exactly an hour it contained a few pieces of information about Sage ERP X 3. There were exactly zero live demonstrations and no question and answers were allowed. What follows after the break are my notes and observations.

Sage stated a 20% growth rate in the ERP X3 market. They have roughly 200 partners – roughly 1/3 more than when they (re)launched v6 last year on January 2010.

Note: Remember this is not a brand new product. It’s a rebadge (and subsequent update) of a product Sage bought in 2005. Prior to branding as Sage ERP X3 it was known as Adonix. They claimed 2,700+ users at last year’s January 2010 launch event for V6 — probably mostly overseas.

Laurie Schultz provided a brief overview. Focus is on new deal (growth was 20%) and upper mid-market. There’s definitely a focus on verticals (again nothing new here – every ERP publisher is moving this way).

There are over 2,000 Sage ERP resellers in North America (that’s not Sage ERP X3 but I took it to mean total partners).

I didn’t catch this slide but another person indicated that Sage announced that they have 75,000 mi-market customers. Backing out the 45,000 that they announced in the MAS90 roadmap I would extrapolate ACCPAC + MAS 500 + sundry (Platinum, etc) have about 30,000 users. No idea if this is maintenance paying or some other metric.

One week from 5/26 there will be a 6.2 release event in North America.

Sage announced a Netvibes Sage Enterprise Webtop. There was no demo other than a brief screen show. At last year’s Sage ERP X3 V6 launch they talked a LOT about NetVibes and brought techs from the company up on stage. Not sure what was new here.

Sage will be globally recruiting new VARS off a special web site – this sounded like a pitch to recruit new non-traditional integration partners,

The most interesting part of the call was that Sage will be rolling out a Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition. I don’t think this is any secret as people have been telling me that this has shown up on all sorts of public roadshow slides.

As best was described the Standard Edition will be a downmarket version priced for smaller businesses but will share the data layouts. The upgrade process was described as very quick so I’m guessing they essentially cut out some features to make it price competitive.

There are a couple bigger questions that I wasn’t able to ask:

1. Sage last year offered that 97% of their install base is under 500 users (80% of that is actually under 25 according to my notes from the 2010 ERP X3 V6 re-launch) – so this definitely seems to be a new deal product versus a lot of sales into the install base. No discussion about Sage’s migration teams or whether they may go to town converting installed base to ERP X3 standard.

2. No idea what the partner qualifications will be for the ERP X3 Standard and whether those will differ from the full ERP X3. I’ve talked to a few larger Sage partners and almost all of them reported asking Sage to be an ERP X3 partner and being denied. I don’t know and couldn’t ask if the ERP X3 Standard will fill that type of gap and allow more partners to represent ERP X3 Standard. If that is so I’d be asking what happens if a partner only authorized for Standard needs to upgrade a customer to full ERP X3 – do they lose the customer? I’d also be curious how Sage will avoid repeating the channel issues with MAS 500.

That’s about what I took away. Anyone else on the call?

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. I guess i didn’t miss much. I have been trying to log-in numerous time and each time I was brought to registration page again2. Re-registered still the same.

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