Is SAP Business ByDesign Channel Management In Disarray?

I hear that SAP’s Atlanta based Sr. Channel Development Manager, SAP Business ByDesign Dawn Jaeger left SAP as of about a week ago. In her capacity with SAP she was tasked with recruiting partners to represent SAP’s relatively new ByDesign SaaS offering.

Prior to joining SAP Dawn was with Infor and Navision in similar capacities.

She reportedly made the announcement channel-wide although her LinkedIn profile still indicates she is with SAP.

According to two sources she may not be the last of SAP’s North American ByDesign channel team to depart – though their destination is not yet known.

At least one source claims another high ranking member of the SAP North America team charged with responsibility for creating, managing and growing the SAP Business ByDesign Indirect Channel Program could  (or may already have left)  depart soon as well.

UPDATE: Several sources have confirmed that Geoffrey Ashley, Direct Business Development as SAP America is one of the additional people to have left. Geoffrey’s duties included “The Director, Business Development will be responsible for creating, managing and growing the SAP Business ByDesign Indirect Channel Program within North America.”

It’s difficult to say exactly what issue may prompt turnover such as this. Certainly other ERP companies such as Intuit and Sage have not been immune from executive turnover in their ranks either. The potential departure of two key leaders in a channel program is relatively unusual.

One VAR who asked not to be named had this comment about their specific experience with SAP and Business ByDesign:

 Big issue is they are signing up lots of var’s but have had little training/enablement work going on. Also, I think long term happiness is still a ways off with the product due to it’s minimal customization ability and feature set gaps currently. Same ol’ story with most pure saas products.

As I stated – other ERP companies are not immune to the same type of executive turnover. In late May 2011 BJ Shaknowski, Direct of Intuit Solution Providers, left to pursue other interests and at the end of July 2011 Sage SVP Laurie Schultz departs to become CEO at ACL Services as its new President and COO effective August 22, 2011.

SAP indicates that the departure of Jaeger and Ashley are “just normal attrition” .

Full Disclosure: Wayne Schulz has worked with Sage products exclusively in some form or another since 1986 and therefore is NOT independent with respect to opinions about Sage or competitors. Use the information above coupled with your own independent research to form your own opinions/conclusions.

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  1. They left because due to a difference of opinion on how to target/sign up a new partner. The Channel is ready, ramped up, and ready to hit the ground running.

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