New Sage Certifications Present Golden Opportunity – Which Most Partners Will Ignore

Around supper time last night a message came in from Sage with details around the new certification requirements for Sage partners. One component which some quickly latched onto was a requirement to travel to attend a class on consulting skills.

The complaints center around several things:
Cost to travel
Missed time from the office
Feeling as if partners with 25+ years experience don’t have much to learn in such a class

Maybe some of these issues are valid – but I don’t  think so.

Instead what I think the channel partners of Sage should do is double down on these new requirements and begin seriously collaborating with each other on areas such as technical support and product knowledge.

I’m not naive enough to think that partners will collaborate on areas like sales – which many consider proprietary even though they all essentially use the same tired methods that they’ve been using since the Pre-Y2K days.

Instead what these new certifications present is a golden opportunity to collaborate with your fellow Sage partners at an off-site location that you all attend. Come up with ways to monetize group skills whether that’s around reporting, scripting or simply shared technical support (which will come in handy once Sage strips away your access to unlimited cases).

With the current trend in the channel toward consolidation more partners than ever are becoming affiliated with larger parent organizations. This creates geographically disperse teams that rarely meet in person. Perhaps these new certification requirements are the perfect reason to bring your teams together in one place. Maybe, just maybe, Sage is presenting you with a golden opportunity that you just haven’t seen.

Couldn’t one member of your group bring a laptop and lead some training after the Sage classes that furthers the groups skills in one or two technical areas?

Sage’s new certification requirements – especially if they require you to travel for classes – can either be the best thing or the worst.

You pick.

2 Replies to “New Sage Certifications Present Golden Opportunity – Which Most Partners Will Ignore”

  1. Wayne, partners should not underestimate the value of attending Sage Consulting Academy. No matter how much consulting experience you have, you will return home after SCA as a greatly improved and more effective consultant.

    It was definitely a profitable week for me.

  2. I agree that traveling is a great way to get focused and collaborate. I think there really is a huge win for that type of class to be at a location that is interruption free. Two areas I feel Sage can improve and get wider adoption: Choose to host the event at a more hotel with more reasonable rates(most are over $200 plus a night) and allow dealers to not be penalized for not staying on site at the hotel that is hosting the academy. 2. Offer the course in various areas of the country. They have Sage campus in Atlanta, Northern VA, Austin, Irvine and St. Pete., use them to host so partners can meet the Sage team at the same time they attend the class. Nothing is better than a face with a name!

    Heck I will even offer up our training center for free if they want to host in in Richmond. We have wireless internet and a great Keurig coffee machine! Best of all there are three hotels within a block for way less than 200 per night and beautiful.

    Bottom line, collaboration and interruption free learning is a win!

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