Global Tech Data (et al): How Not To Market

For what seems like the millionth time I’ve received an inquiry from my web site. Unfortunately this inquiry is not from a customer – rather it’s from Global Tech Data and Kate Myers – 832-932-4862- (who I doubts is a real person).

The new way to spam market is apparently by seeking out web sites and using their “contact us” form.

The marketing organization (in reality these should really be called spammers) then launch into their pitch. The most common pitch I’ve received is for lists of users of software (you name it they claim to have a list for it).

To anyone who thinks this is an effective way to market their services – think twice. It’s ineffective.

Meet the new spam.

4 Replies to “Global Tech Data (et al): How Not To Market”

  1. Seriously! It’s like automated telemarketing phone calls. Do these companies think we’re idiots? Further, last week, I began having people with fake names sign up for my newsletter, and having fake people comment on my blog articles. I’m not sure what they’re end-game is, but I’m certainly not approving their comments or sending them my newsletter. I hate these companies!

    1. There’s an unlimited supply of cheap overseas labor. And since it’s cheap my theory is that unscrupulous consultants sell those services as a way to somehow game the search rankings or otherwise increase their visibility on the web. It’s annoying and I’m hoping highly effective.

      I find that using something like Discqus for comments on your blog can cut way down on the spam. I also never approve comments that are simply “good job” type comments because I think it’s the spammers trying to build up a reputation for their email address in the commenting systems (hoping to get it whitelisted).

  2. Thank you for the tip about Discqus. I will check it out. Right now I’m dealing with a few dozen each week, but wondering what to do if/when the volume goes up. And yes, the comments have all been one-sentence positive statements. “Kewl”.

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