Is This An Exceptional Customer Experience?

For the first time ever new Sage ERP MAS90, MAS200 and MAS200 SQL  customers and those paying maintenance for upgrades will receive the entire product via download.

This is new for the Sage ERP MAS90 and 200 family — though (as those of us in the MAS90 world are increasingly familiar hearing) the Accpac world has done this since dinosaurs roamed the earth – and therefore it’s the best and most appropriate way to distribute software.

I just have one tiny issue.

Sage should have taken the 5 minutes to actually provide some guidance to those who are downloading the file on how to mount the image (which is an ISO file).

The way the software is distributed it must first be burned (the file size is 2.9 GB so you’ll need a DVD burner) or mounted using special ISO mounting software so that the image can then be run as if it was a DVD.

You’d expect that there would at least be some instructions on how to do this for first timers.

Instead what guidance does Sage provide on installing from an ISO file?

Wait for it. Wait. Wait…

“You can find more detailed information and various freeware utilities to accomplish either by browsing the web for “how to install from an iso image”.

Pardon my French – but what the f***?

Sage is too lazy now to even can’t write instructions on how to install an ISO file (you can’t just click to install you need special third party software or you need to create a DVD image.

They tell customers and partners to “go browse the web to find out how to install?”

To Sage I ask – is this creating an Exceptional Customer Experience? Save the money you spent on all the ECE lapel pins and pay someone  10 minutes of overtime to write up some instructions…. never mind — here’s a list of ISO software.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback.

    We will update the wording to make the process clearer and more user friendly.

    Sage North America is rolling out software download for all products, not just MAS. Accpac never distributed CDs to customers – only to partners for distribution to their customers. Both Accpac and MAS now use the same download management software to distribute software to customers and/or partners.

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