SAP Introduces a La Carte Self Service Consulting

I just spotted this news about SAP offering self-service consulting on Google+  via user Jarret Pazahanick.  Apparently SAP have created an online form for customers to request consulting services (maximum of 5 days and one consultant)  and essentially submit an RFP for consultants to immediately show up and fix a problem or transfer some knowledge.

So far as I can tell this is a tool that allows customers to book time with SAP consultants themselves and not outside third party consultants (though Jarret mentions in his Google+ post that SAP may expand to 3rd parties in the future).

Personally this seems like a solution in search of a problem. If the customer doesn’t already have contact with a SAP consultant who can respond quickly – that in itself is the issue and not providing them with an electronic means to submit bids.

Here’s the SAP post on the project where it was initially explained and expanded upon and a SAP Booking Consultants Quickly and Easily PDF FAQ.