What A Third Party Developer Means When They Say “We Integrate To MAS90”

Let me share a definition I have found to be universally true throughout my 25 years of working with Sage ERP MAS90 and some third party applications.

When a third party software developer say’s:

“We have an integration to MAS”

And they have no ready references to share

What they mean to say is:

“We will give you a flat file text export. Then it’s up to you to pay your consultant to create an integration. We wash our hands of any further work because at some point 15 years (and 12 MAS90 versions ago) we had one customer somewhere in South America where one of our consultants (who no longer works for us) created some type of integration. Or at least we think it integrated – nobody ever followed up to check. If the integration can’t work it’s got to be your MAS90 consultant’s fault – or the fault of Sage. ”

Sometimes I heard:

“Oh an integration to MAS90 is no problem”

To which I advise customers (99% of who ignore this advice):

“If the integration is ‘no problem’ advise the provider that it shouldn’t be a problem to hold back 50% of the total project price until that integration works”

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  1. Great read Wayne and yes, our team leads see this each day in conversations except now the prospects are starting to believe the statement and ask us, “Oh an integration to MAS90 is no problem”, right? which is never the case.


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