The Boogeyman Shifts

This morning I read a post by Bob Scott that Microsoft is supplementing some of it’s Business Solutions IT team located in Fargo ND to a Dynamics VAR.

I’ve no idea what Bob’s getting at here – and whether this is only IT resources or also development, support. In any instance it’s hard to believe that Microsoft is doubling down on ERP when this report of outsourcing appears.

Hasn’t the boogey man shifted anyway?

It used to be we feared Microsoft, Epicor, Macola/Exact.

Now the fear is the unknown, whether our product technology meets some ever changing definition of “true cloud” and the murkiness of the definition of true cloud.

Prediction: The definition of  “True Cloud”  will become the greatest ERP holy war ever.

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  1. This is going to be the name of my new book (kidding)… wonder if someone has trademarked boogeyman…

  2. There is an actual industry standard definition published in October by the national institute of standards and technology …