Intacct and Intuit: It’s Complicated

One of our consulting firms  just received this offer from Intuit.  The promotion appears aimed at QuickBooks users, specifically software companies, who have outgrown their QuickBooks software.

What’s unusual about this mailing  is I’ve yet to see a press release that these two competitors (Intuit and Intacct) are working together.

The promotion also states “we have a new way” which may indicate this is a test or perhaps as yet unannounced partnership.

UPDATE: Intacct PR replies “..I would certainly not characterize intacct and intuit as competitors…”.

Most software companies tightly guard their installed user list and only as a deep last resort would they consider referring an existing customer to a competitor.

Relevant information from the email is below (emphasis is mine):

“Some of our larger customers in the software business have told us that they love the ease and flexibility of QuickBooks, but now require more advanced functionality as they have grown.

If your needs are stretching beyond QuickBooks, we want you to know that we have teamed with Intacct, a leading mid-market financial applications company, to address your more sophisticated financial management requirements.

Intacct has put together a Best Practices Financial Management Kit for QuickBooks customers that we recommend you review. Click here to download it now.”

It’s quite unusual to see one company cross market their customer base in an effort to get them to upgrade to a competitor’s product. Yet that’s exactly what appears to be happening here.

The small print of this offer does seem to specifically address the needs of software companies whose revenue recognition needs may be more appropriately met by Intacct’s revenue recognition capabilities.

UPDATE: Intacct PR just issued a no comment regarding the promotion and indicated  “I would certainly not characterize Intacct and Intuit as competitors…”.

Here’s a copy of the info request form:

I have an email into multiple people at Intuit Public Relations department and have yet to hear anything back.

4 Replies to “Intacct and Intuit: It’s Complicated”

  1. Wow! It does get complicated. It could be the most money Intuit ever earns from that customer? If you have outgrown Quickbooks, then that is exactly what you have done. The customer will be leaving Intuit anyway – so Intuit may as well collect a fee (potentially more money than the client ever spent with Intuit?) for the referral.

  2. Have you noticed that the 2013 release of Quickbooks Enterprise has removed many of the features that were included in the 2012 versions? That’s right, the “upgrade” removed MANY features. Just read the forums to find out how disappointed their users are with this new version. It’s horrible. And Intuit’s response is to send a suggestion to “upgrade” to Intacct. By removing features from QB they’re forcing customers to 1) pay more 2) move to Intacct.

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