If You Think It’s A Good Idea To Be Chasing These Types of Leads – Time To Close Shop

If you think this type of lead is worth pursuing on any level – time to close shop.

A company with no budget, an unreal time table and they want you to show their (paid) consultant all your tricks so the (paid) consultant can turn around and present it to management.

Actually I do hope that my competition chases these time wasters.

3 Replies to “If You Think It’s A Good Idea To Be Chasing These Types of Leads – Time To Close Shop”

  1. I love to start my day with a good laugh – as much as the next person. How many problems can you spot with this lead – aside from the fact that:

    a. You’ll be expected to do a free demo
    b. Free discovery
    c. Probably educate an IT consultant about ERP (I’m guessing on this)
    d. Provide a quote (that they’ll either use as 3rd bid or starting point for the other 3 firms they’re talking to)
    e. The timeline is crazy – from manual to automated (including demo/discovery) in a month (our busiest month).

    At the very least I get a chuckle from these leads. Now they’ll probably take me off the distribution list like they did last time.

    Oh, and generally the explanation is that there are all sorts of (bottom feeder) consultants who do pursue these types of leads…

    Please make sure you aren’t one of them for 2012 — let that be your resolution…. and yeah I know the argument about “well I have people to keep busy” …. well keep them busy visiting your existing customers who do pay even if you have to charge zip. I guarantee it’s a better investment than chasing this stuff.


  2. I agree 100% with your sentiments. Usually there is a pre-determined bias towards a particular package anyway.

    I know some people have success with them but my experiences have all been negative – lots of time spent, lots of stress, prospects want vendors – not partners. It’s a difficult situation to start a relationship.

    It’s kind of like the Bachelor reality show. It’s great if you are the bachelor but not so great to be the girls competing.

  3. The key danger sign on this one is the outside consultant, the timeline, the budget and the fact that they are on Excel spreadsheets for accounting yet are a government contractor…yikes. I have received some very good leads from this provider but I make sure the fit is very narrow and we are a leader in that SIC code. The timeline shows they think it can be done quick with very little work. You guys are right, this is not the lead you want to chase.

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