Intuit Recommends Intacct

Yesterday morning I noticed that Intuit had a landing page setup on their own domain that advertised a unique promotion pointing their QuickBooks Enterprise customers to SaaS provider competitor Intacct. I’ve been consulting on ERP software since 1986 and have not personally seen any examples of a big company like Intuit openly advertising that their customers should migrate to another solution if they find that the Intuit software isn’t working.

You literally never ever see this. A large (huge) market leading software company recommending an existing customer to use another software package if their existing solution isn’t good enough.


But you say – oh this is just Intuit being charitable…. ha, yeah ok right…

The tech press all picked upon on this and have run with it – which apparently caused Intuit to pull the landing page — though there is still a copy of the Intuit and Intacct Co-Marketing in Google Cache