How Consultants Can Win With The New Sage Business Care Changes

Thought for the day.

As a Sage partner do you feel as if you’re taking a spanking with the new Business Care changes – which boost the lowest priced Sage ERP 100, 300, 500 maintenance plan by 3% and add 5 customer calls direct to Sage?

Are you thinking your days of selling support to customers are done and over – just because Sage is going to duplicate your offering and deliver a limited help desk experience?

One thing to remember. With these changes to the Sage 100, 300, 500 Business Care plans — customers will no longer have an pay-as-go support option with Sage.

Doesn’t this present a perfect opportunity to align your own agreement with Sage’s and require all customers to enroll in your agreement as a pre-condition to doing business with your firm?

  • Sage (and almost any other top tier ERP publisher)  won’t provide services without enrollment in a plan
  • Are you?  If so, why?

If you take the attitude that “we’re not going to gouge the customer like Sage seems to be doing” — then you should rethink exactly why Sage is doing this (Hint: It’s all about the recurring revenue and covering overhead) and consider how this concept may be applied at your firm.

Assuming that you don’t already have a mandatory agreement for your customers, why are you offering a pay as you go service which requires you to stay highly staffed, trained, certified and open to numerous opportunities to serve as the unpaid complaint department for any of your software integrations?

All of this has value. The cost should be spread across customers by enrolling them in an agreement of your own. If you’re NOT already doing this – don’t blame Sage.

In my opinion you should take this concept further and not perform upgrades, enhancements or other projects for any user not on your own agreement.

The biggest reason to do this for new customers is that first projects for users you did not sell the software to are very high risk because you’re learning where the land mines are laid. The landmines have often , in my experience, been laid by the company requesting the work – just to see if you can find them.

Or you could just piss and moan, hold your breath, hope that Sage reverses course.

When life gives lemons….

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  1. From a customer perspective, I’d need value for my dollar. If I don’t have many problems, or my own technical staff, then I’d rather not join an expensive program. In that case the pay-as-you-go makes sense.

    If I have numerous issues, no consistent technical training, then I’d prefer the continuous price, all the help I can get contract.

    Either way, I need consistency. I want to talk to the same people who understand my business and can solve my problems in the ways that I need. That is what I would pay for.

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