Our Customers

I just received this update that was sent to the reseller channel about a marketing survey.

Notice how they repeatedly refer to customers.

It’s not —  as it has been in the past —  “our mutual customer”.

Instead it is “our customer”.  Important distinction.

I wonder how many VARS are working extra hard to align a publisher’s  direct sales force marketing department with their customer’s buying process.

Good luck on that one.

Below is the context of the message that was sent:

Customer phone interviews

Customer Marketing is working on documenting how our customers buy with a series of interviews. This will help document and align our marketing efforts to our customers’ buying process.

Over the next few months, ____ Customer Marketing and our consultant XPROMOS will be conducting over-the-phone interviews. We will be contacting a small sampling of our customers to understand how they made their add-on buying decision, why they decided to buy, and who was involved. We will explore their opinions, among other items, as it relates to our efforts.

If you receive any questions from customers regarding an invitation they have received, please encourage them to participate. Please note that the customer email will be coming from __________, __________, ________  , and XPROMOs.

2012 Translation Table:

Our Customers: Used when customer is interested in purchasing or renewing.

Our Mutual Customers: Use when the customer is pissed and threatening to cancel maintenance confused about a policy change and partner is expected to explain, spend uncompensated time or otherwise provide guidance about a policy they’ve had no voice in changing.

Partner: Unpaid complaint department

Customer Marketing: Direct sales force

Friend of Ours v Friend of Mine:


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