Atlas Arrives 2/24/12 For Sage MME Partners

Sage’s new partner portal, code named “Atlas”, arrives for the remaining Sage North America partners this Friday February 24, 2012. For the weekend and until Monday February 27, 2012 certain portions of the current online partner site will be unavailable or in read only mode.

According to previous statements Sage have indicated that after upgrading to Atlas the older partner portal (known as BOSS or SageSoftwareOnline) may remain available but in read-only mode.

It’s not yet fully understood exactly what types of interruptions will occur though Sage seems to be warning that order processing will have some modified access during this time.

Here’s the alert they have been sending to the partner channel:

Due to the rollout of Atlas, the last day to place February orders is Thursday, February 23, 2012. Any orders placed after that date will count toward March revenue. Please note that no orders will be placed on February 24 th as we will have a “dark day” as we transition to Atlas. In addition, please be aware that there may be delays in order processing for the remainder of the month due to this new system rollout.

The new Atlas portal has received nearly universal scorn via public LinkedIn comments from Sage partners who’ve already adopted it. Frequent complaints are customer unlock codes disappearing or becoming difficult to find. The updated knowledgebases have also reported become much more difficult to search and nobody appears to know if online order processing will be allowed in the same way it used to be in the old portal.

Multi-office partners are also reportedly forced to consolidate all of their local office accounts into one master database.  Nobody knows what the end result of this upgrade will be until it occurs – however early feedback from those who’ve already adopted Atlas have me expecting the worst and hoping for the best.