No Mas

Just received an email survey from a software publisher.

They claim it should only take 15 minutes to complete. They appear to be looking for a lot of information on how they can better sell software and what type of customer buys their software.

They’d like to know,  among other things,  what are the typical characteristics of my customer.

What’s strange however is the wording. Recently  this publisher started calling my customer –  THEIR customer – except in situations (such as this) when they’re asking for free help or dodging a sketchy technical problem – then it’s my customer.

And while I’m at it could I tell them what other financial solutions I’m working with as an independent VAR, whether I’m still working with these solutions —  and exactly how do I think my customers will purchase software in the future.

No Mas.

Click. Delete.

In the past they would have gotten a completed survey – plus a good 6 to 8 paragraphs of recommendations.

No Mas.

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