Certification Deadline Day – Or Not

Many Sage partners will be up late struggling to meet the first certification deadline to remain active and receive support from Sage.

March 1, 2012 is the time that has been announced for completion of initial certifications with renewals of Sage 100 ERP ongoing certifications due by April 30, 2012.

To make matters more confusing – these certifications have also been broken down into sub-components whereas before there was one certification to pass.

Now some partners must take six or more tests just to continue to earn a living.

No certification – no support.

There is this other  April 30, 2012 deadline which someone pointed out is still displayed in certain areas of the certification portal.

I stand by my prediction that the eduction department will largely be unreachable for a month or three as partners call in a panic to understand exactly what competencies are required.

Sadly there was no clear roadmap sent to partners – just an early warning that testing costs will rise absurdly if not purchased by an early deadline.

The next time a prospective customers asks if the software is easy to use –  mention that not only is it simple – but you took 6 separate certifications to learn how the basics worked.

2 Replies to “Certification Deadline Day – Or Not”

  1. From the new certification FAQ (were any of these objectives met?):

    The FAQ and Partner Program guide highlight the objectives of the standardization project. The FAQ specifically states the following goals:
    • Create program consistency for partners and consultants across mid-market Sage solutions
    • Simplify the fees and operational processes
    • Provide a predictable, economic model with a focus on Sage Certified Consultant proficiency
    • Build and maintain the competencies of our Certified Consultants whereby enabling exceptional services to our mutual customers

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