New Pricing Strategies Soon

Sage announced in an October 28, 2011 all hands partner conference call that a new pricing method for their products would be forthcoming within the next year and that they’d be ready to think about discussing it within three months.

Three months has passed and it now seems Sage are actively polling about 500 current customers asking what price they’d be willing to pay per month for their current accounting solution.

Update March 2, 2012: Sage have notified that channel of pricing for NEW (not existing) users of Sage 100 ERP, 300 and 500. This poll that was sent to existing users would appear to be testing the pricing method EXISTING users might prefer to pay if there is a transition allowed between module and user pricing (as of now Sage prohibits switching between licensing models).

Pricing options under consideration reportedly are $75, $100 or $125 per user per year. I  believe this is for Sage 100 ERP users though I was not able to view the actual survey so have to rely on the customer’s explanation.

One company sent a copy of the email to us (not a customer of ours) remarking that with their present user count they could potentially face a bill of $40,000 per year. Of course this is only a survey and Sage might implement any number of plans for existing users including grandfathering existing users but adding new purchases at a potentially new rate.

With any change to a subscription model I think the Sage 100 ERP software will be issued expiring unlock registration codes so that using the software without paying maintenance could become a trick of the past for cost savvy customers.