Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk – NYC

I just received a media invite to Intuit’s Innovation Gallery Walk being held March 29, 2012 in New York city.

Intuit hosts this event every year so people can come in and look at not only current products but those which are in their testing labs for potential future release.

Last year’s event was a great opportunity to look at many of Intuit’s technology projects – especially interesting where their mobile payments project and their Brainstorm group collaboration application which at the time was in testing but subsequently saw a release  (and un-release) to the public in August 2011.

I’m looking forward to attending again to take another look at the technologies that Intuit is working to bring to the marketplace.

See more than 20 innovations, including recently launched products, in-market experiments and early prototypes for consumers, small businesses and those who serve them. (We’ll have cocktails and appetizers to help you unwind after a long day.) Hear perspectives, predictions and customer insights from CEO Brad Smith, founder Scott Cook, chiefs of technology, innovation, data and business unit executives. Learn how Intuit’s product managers and engineers are uncovering and solving complex problems to improve our customers’ financial lives.