The Most Shocking Thing I Learned At Today’s LinkedIn Session

Perhaps the most shocking revelation today at the LinkedIn group meeting was not the change happening at Sage but the answer to the question Sage’s Tom Miller asked about who had attended Firm of the Future.

Only a few hands went up. And this was in a room of about 50 of arguably Sage’s most active partners.

For those who’ve not been, Firm of the Future is two days of instruction with Ron Baker of VeraSage and Ed Kless of Sage.  The course catalog describes the experience as:

This experience is dedicated to the possibility that a professional organization can be run more effectively when it becomes a knowledge firm rather than a service firm. Creating such an organization is hard work and not for everyone as it requires partners to think differently than they have in the past about what it is that they do.

The course is about shared knowledge you can use for building a business that bills for knowledge and results and not time. It’s about learning how to bill for value not hours. It’s about making more money. It works.

I attended the session back in May 2011. You can read my review.

Since the course I no longer bill hourly. The day I completed the course was the last time I have billed hourly.

If you are tired of the “race to the bottom line” that comes with billing hourly – you need this course. If you want to substantially increase your firm’s revenues – you need this course.


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  1. Thanks, Wayne!

    Sorry sorry I missed this due to being on vacation. It is a retroactive HSD for me. If you do not know what an HSD is, come to the class, it is one of the replacements for the timesheet.

  2. Thanks Wayne. I attended a pre-cursor class in 2007 and by 2008 had stopped billing by the hour. I need to look at taking this class as well. Kudos to Ed and Ron for preaching the Gospel of Value of Knowledge.

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