Microsoft Convergence 2012 Keynote

I just noticed Microsoft will stream today’s Convergence 2012 keynote by COO Kevin Turner and Kirill Tatarinov, President, Microsoft Business Solutions. While the speeches will undoubtedly be more subdued than those of past (including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s classics) the overall content can give a good hint as to Microsoft’s ERP direction for 2012-2013.

Not able to attend Convergence this year? We want you to be a part of the Microsoft Dynamics community anyway! Beginning at 9:00am CT on Monday, March 19, we’ll webcast the Opening Keynote with Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, and Kirill Tatarinov, President, Microsoft Business Solutions, both Microsoft Corp. Join us as our company visionaries share a vision of connected, forward-looking organizations and how Microsoft delivers on the promise of enabling people to do their best work, driving data to insight to action – anytime, anywhere — as they seek to make a difference in moving the business forward. The keynote will be webcast from the main page of the Convergence website.

The streaming keynote fun starts at 9am CT – at the Convergence 2012 Web Site

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