ERP VAR Hightower Inc Reportedly Closes For Undetermined Period of Time

A consultant who claims that one of his employee’s received a phone call from Hightower Inc reached out to me to say he had been told the support case they have pending with Skokie IL ERP consultants Hightower Inc. may take a little while to be resolved.

According to one of my 90 Minds members who spoke to their Hightower representative:

We had an open support case with them and got a call from our rep that they were shutting down 

I have a message into Hightower executives. Calls  today (3/20/12) to their phone line listed on the web site have gone unanswered. Update: As of 2:28 pm ET 3/20/12 the phone message is indicating that Hightower is experiencing a serious data interruption to voice and email.

Another independent source reports that according to multiple unnamed Hightower employees:

Hightower employees met at the office and were advised to take an unscheduled and possibly unpaid vacation and  that they’d hear back in a week to 10 days. Email was reportedly shut down over the weekend.

An independent consultant doing subcontracting work for the company reported being told on Monday to put all work on hold. Followup emails to the company representative from the consultant reportedly went unanswered.

It is unknown at this point when Hightower will re-open after  taking what some employees have described as an unpaid vacation.

UPDATE 3/24/2012:  Sage partner Hightower Inc is apparently closing and have transferred the support for all customers and enhancements to another Sage partner. This was revealed in a channel wide announcement sent 3/23/12. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed nor were any further reasons for the sudden transfer. Messages sent to Brian Dunn, CFO of Hightower , were not returned.  A message sent to the new VAR mentioned as assuming responsibility for Hightower was not returned.


According to their web site:

HighTower is a consultant, reseller, implementer, trainer, and software developer of ERP systems, including Sage MAS 90 / 200, NetSuite and SYSPRO. It is a leading reseller, enhancement developer, and Authorized Trainer for Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP. As an award-winning accounting, distribution, CRM, HR, and manufacturing software expert, HighTower offers experienced professional consulting and technical services that understand how a business works. HighTower is also authorized in the sales and support or Sage MAS 500 ERP, Sage Abra HRMS, SageCRM, and more.

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  1. According to Bob Scott’s website ( “…Company employees were asked to go home for five to 10 days, given boxes for packing personal possessions, and instructed to call for further information. The Internal Revenue Service has filed a lien against the company and reports are that its bank has pulled the plug.”

    Very bad news if true.

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