Sage Transformation Journey: More Flexible Change

Sage today sought to calm channel nerves by announcing updates to their self-proclaimed transformation journey which include changes to their subscription pricing sales goal measurements.

Instead of measuring the new subscription pricing sales achievements by the quarter – Sage announced that they will measure them by the half year. Sales goals become more flexible too – changing from one per quarter to two per half year. Rock on.

One Reply to “Sage Transformation Journey: More Flexible Change”

  1. That makes a lot of sense because … well, you see … one per quarter is obviously not the right thing but … ummmm …it’s easier to juggle two per … I mean … if you divide by two and add one, you get … uhhh … well now, I know the answer to this one … give me a second …

    Dang … I left the stove on. I’ll be back later.

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