Sage Summit 2012: How to Make Money While Friending, Blogging, and Checking in

I just received session time and date information for  our Sage Summit 2012 course – “How to Make Money While Friending, Blogging and Checking In”.

This year’s session is a panel where each person has been hand picked to discuss ways consultants (just like you and me) are using social media to make money.

No theory.

No untested concepts.

No 1,500 Powerpoint slide decks that have your eyes rolling back in your head midway through the talk

No assuming you’re a novice and have not figured out how to turn on a computer or use a keyboard.

Each person on the panel is a full time independent Sage consultant engaged in either ERP or CRM consulting. No marketing or social media experts. Just good old fashioned experience.

We will share with you what has worked for our companies – and what has not. Those tips alone could save your hours of time.

What I like best about this panel is that NONE of us have a thing to sell you.

We don’t offer SEO, web hosting, social media consulting.

We are not going to waste your time droning on about how to send a tweet, log into Facebook or create a YouTube video.

This session is for people who are sick and tired of  buying leads online, shaking hands, making cold calls, replying to RFPs, waiting in conference rooms and answering free “quick questions”.

So Just What Will You Learn?

– How to brand yourself so business comes to you
– How to eliminate the competition in deals
– How to come up with ideas for social media content
– The one (and only)  thing that matters in social media
–  How to become more active without hiring
–  The one tactic to use above all others
– What absolutely doesn’t work
– Fixed price risk reversed proposals
Shortcuts to making fixed pricing work
Resources (sample access agreements, menu pricing, etc)

Sage Summit Is A Busy Place – Here’s Your Opportunity To Get Together With A Room Full Of Experts

Our panel is scheduled for Tuesday 8/14 2pm – 3:15pm. We’ll stick around until all the questions are answered.

Panelists :

Sam Biardo –
Apryl Hanson – http://www.blytheco
Peter Wolf –
Robert Wood –

I Recommend Attending This Session…

But Only If you are interested in a proven process for attracting customers where the NEW NORMAL ‘sales’ process goes like this:

“Hello I would like more information on becoming a customer”

>> Great – where did you hear about us?

“I have been reading and following your posts for some time now. As a matter of fact I’ve printed out your access agreement – and our philosophies are the same. When can we get started?”

Here’s what you can look forward to after this session.

It won’t happen overnight but …

…if a grossly incompetent sales moron like ME can design a process to make the following happen – so can you…

Social Media / Marketing / Branding is all about having a system.  You must think of ways your system can work — not reasons that it never /can’t work.

– No bids
– No hourly billing
– No free demo
– No free “getting to know you” support call
– No free initial discovery meeting (you’ll be paid in full before leaving your office)
– No discounts
– No free “quick questions”
– No “we’ll pay you a couple hours for a trial consulting engagement”
– No prepaid blocks of time
– No sitting in a waiting room to be next up to “pitch” your company
– No comparison quotes
– No followup “so have you decided whether to purchase yet?”
The information some people learn in this session will pay for the entire conference.

Some people will skip this session altogether because they don’t see how social media could possibly put any extra money into their pockets.

Let’s  hope those who skip this session are your competitor(s).

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