Windows Dead: You Can’t Extend Something That Doesn’t Resonate

During the weekend I read an interesting post about how Microsoft is doing away with the Windows Live brand when Window 8 launches.

It’s being replaced with a new focus on Microsoft’s Windows OS – together with a new and omnipresent identity system named “Microsoft account.”

Back in 2005 Microsoft decided to use Windows Live as a way to re-brand many of their add-on products that connected with Windows.

Before Windows Live, Microsoft had used .NET,  which I think was even more confusing when you tried to understand how the pieces fit together (if at all).

From the story:

….Microsoft’s executives seem to have “assumed they had a brand” that could be extended to other products, “but you can’t extend something that doesn’t have resonance in people’s lives.”

This is interesting because I wonder how much of it – if any – relates to Sage’s re-branding. More important I wonder whether in 5 years we might see Sage branding meet a similar fate.

This would be an interesting question to ask at Sage Summit.

Goodbye to Windows Live (And Whatever It Meant)