Employees Pledge Allegiance to Blytheco 3.0

Not much in the way of additional information other than a large set of pep rally images up on the Blytheco Facebook page. Looks as if in the aftermath of the disgorging of former Macdonald Consulting executives that there’s a new direction being charted – aka Blytheco 3.0.

Times are a’ changin’! Our CEO, Stephen Blythe and Director of HR, Donna Baeza travel across the country visiting every office to roll out a new and exciting direction for Blytheco and for you. The images shown are of employees signing their allegiance to the new Blytheco Inc.!

As you may recall in early June 2012 Blytheco President Ruth Menter, EVP Technology Nicholas Hoad, VP Consulting Judy Enders and VP Consulting Time Baker all exited the #1 Sage partner.

Since then I’ve spoken to several people in a position to (claim to) know about the circumstances regarding the rapid departures with most feedback being that it was the end of a 5 year purchase/merger agreement and by all appearances a mostly agreeable separation.

Via: Blytheco Facebook Page

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