Block Heads

Someone in my 90 Minds group  pointed out the irony of this update announcing the release of the former Hightower Inc Sage 100 ERP enhancement for Professional Retainer Control.

As you may know, Chicago IL Hightower Inc, once a top Sage partner, closed suddenly in March 2012. Their enhancements and customers were  acquired and are now developed by Sage partner SWK Inc.

There’s something a little ironic about a portion of the notice just sent to the channel.

Especially interesting is the phrasing within the notice just sent:

Professional Retainer Control for Sage ERP 100 was developed to reduce collection problems and billing disputes by offering clients a discount if they prepay for blocks of time. Professional Retainer Control tracks your clients’ prepaid hours, while providing monthly summary tranactions and transaction histories. Prepaid time is posted to the General Ledger. When a client uses retained hours, the amount of available prepaid time is reduced accordingly.

At the time of Hightower’s unexpected closing one rumor was that prepaid blocks of time may have been a factor in their demise with several sources indicating there might have been an issue with blocks of time that never expired and went unused which possibly left the company unable to generate sufficient future billings.