LinkedIn Site Updates Begin Appearing

We’ve known for about a week that LinkedIn was planning to roll out updates to their web interface. These updates will arrive gradually over the next couple of weeks. My page was just updated this morning and so far, except for a big black bar at the top of the page, there’s not a  lot that I sense is new.

The words “coat of paint” come to mind.

Sadly LinkedIn does not seem to have added any really new feature such as allowing you to comment directly from their home page into group discussions you are participating in – instead you still click through to the group to make comments on discussions you’ve started or are participating in. This type of feature would be idea for those who are participating in discussions in a large # of groups. And why can’t those discussions flow through to my feed?

Perhaps it’s just me but LinkedIn’s design has always seemed about 1.5 years behind the standards of other top social sites.

LinkedIn say’s the changes are:

  1. Simpler design
  2. Important updates up top (on your news feed)
  3. More updates – less clicking (scroll to view more updates)


2 Replies to “LinkedIn Site Updates Begin Appearing”

  1. This has been a long time coming, the interface is very difficult for new users to follow and can be quite daunting for many, it’s a factor that stopped me for signing up for quite some time!

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