Sage Announces Promotion, New Customer Experience EVP, Specialty Solutions Reorganization

Sage just  announced that Himanshu Palsule , EVP Strategy , has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer for Sage North America.

This spot had been vacant since the departure of  Motasim Najeeb about a year ago. At the time Sage indicated that Motasim would be replaced – and today that promise comes true with the promotion of Himanshu Palsule from within Sage.

Himanshu was most recently EVP of strategy for Sage North America. In prior roles, he was general manager of the Sage North America specialized solutions business and then the company’s portfolio of ERP and CRM products.

Also announced is the hiring of Brad Smith, formerly of Yahoo where he was in charge of Customer Experience, as EVP of Customer Experience he’ll apparently run everything that has to do with customer experience.

He will be responsible for all Sage North America customer support and will focus on expanding the Sage commitment to all facets of the customer experience, from product design to the invoice experience and all touchpoints in between.

Brad Smith in title would appear to fill the position left vacant by the departure of Doug Meyer, Chief People Officer , in February 2011 with the added task of overseeing support which was a duty previously overseen by recently departed EVP Specialty Services Robert Deshaies.

And lastly the announcement softly covers what is certainly a reorganization of the Specialty Solutions division.

I spotted the absence of Sage EVP Robert Deshaies, who formerly ran Specialty Solutions,  from the Sage Executive Team Website earlier in the week so I sensed an announcement must be coming about a reorganization.

Rather than disclose that Deshaies departed  (Update: Evolution1 have released a memo that Deshaies has joined as Executive Vice President)- Sage only indicated his team will now be supervised as follows:

Sage is realigning several business units to report to current members of the executive team.

The business units responsible for Sage Construction and Real Estate products, Sage Fixed Assets, and Sage Value products will report to EVP of Sage Mid-Market Solutions, Joe Langner.

The business unit responsible for Sage HRMS will report to EVP of Sage Small Business Solutions, Connie Certusi.

The business units responsible for Sage Nonprofit Solutions and for the CRM solutions of Sage SalesLogix and Sage ACT! will report to Chief Financial Officer Marc Loupe.

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