Windows 8 Will Usher In The Potential for Another Y2K Like Opportunity For Partners

October 26, 2012 is the date Microsoft ships a long awaited upgrade to Windows.

When Windows 8 arrives it ushers in an unprecedented potential need for many users to upgrade their operating system – or face the loss of key Microsoft programs including MS Office.

Microsoft Office 2013 will only work with Windows 7 or Windows 8. The latest version of Internet Explorer v10 will only work with Windows 7 or Windows 8. There will probably be more Microsoft software which relies on an operating system upgrade.

PCs that aren’t running Windows 7 or Windows 8 are being left in the dust by Microsoft.

More than a few companies have yet to upgrade their offices to Windows 7. Those PCs are all stil happily working on Windows XP. In many cases the reason that they’ve not been upgraded is that legacy software might not be compatible with Windows 7+.

Starting with the release of Windows 8 companies will be upgrading their operating system in conjunction with the latest version of MS Office which will likely also link to Microsofts’ touted tablet and Windows Phone platforms.

How many customers are using older third party add-ins that link to Sage where the add-in could potentially be impacted by a sudden upgrade from XP to Windows 8?

I bet the number is significant – just think of the number of FRX users that you probably still support and what will happen when you get the phone call –> “IT upgraded us to Windows 8 and FRX no longer works” … followed closely by “I have a board meeting tomorrow and need my financial reports” ….

I am pretty comfortable that the core Sage products will work just fine (or made to work). However the people who get caught are those on older versions of products which have not been updated in some time or those who let their IT department upgrade the systems without checking for Sage compatibility.

Money Making Tip Of 2012:

This is a great time to plan for how you will sell your customers on a new benefit where you include their support AND annual upgrades for one fixed price per year. This can remove possible issues with Windows 8 integrations and lessen the possibility of business interruption.

It does not matter that Sage is offering support cases as part of their plans .. there is still plenty of opportunity for you to design your own plan – which compliments Sage – that delivers high customer value.

Don’t think of why it can’t happen – think of ways to make it happen …